Saturday, 2 April 2016

Facebook Give-Away!

Did you know this blog has a facebook page? It's pretty dead, but lovely people keep liking it anyway so I thought I'd do a give away... except I'm broke... so it's a "win a random box of exciting junk from Japan" give away XD You don't have to like the facebook page to enter or anything like that, this isn't to try and get more people to like the page, just to say thanks to people who have checked it out. However, ironically, almost no one has seen the facebook post where I said I wanted to do a give-away because unless I pay them they'll only show a few "likers" each post in their timelines. Which is totally fair enough (see overloards of the series of tubes, I am your loyal subject!) but I'm posting about it here too to help spread the message. You can read more about the give away at

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